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28 août 2012

#1 - LOL USA


To inaugurate this blog, what would be better than an american remake with the Miley girl ? First, living in the Eiffel Tour country, I saw the original, and I have to say, it is much better, even without Douglas[PURESEXYNESS]Booth and Demi. Maybe because the dialogs of the USA version are just a simple translation of the original. I was like, Really ? Couldn't they just change it a little ? If they had enough money to pay the well known expensive Demi Moore, they had much money to pay a scenarist to adapt it better. In the original, they go to London, but in this one, they go to Paris. Like, one of my favourite destination in the world ! When I saw that, I thought the rest of the movie could be a little better. What a disappointment when I saw that the first french family serving snails and wine to the americans. Really ? Is that really what you think of us ? I'll maybe destroy a myth, but snails and frogs make 80% of french people puck, and the rest are just creepy weirdos. The second family were just creepy religious weirdos, I so don't wanna tell how much only 80 y.o are believing in god now. 

I'm going back to the life to Carrie Bradshaw now, kisses bitches !

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